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Fast, economical water for today, and for tomorrow




acquapro offers fast, economical water for today, and for tomorrow 


Turning Resource Into Opportunity

Providing Water and Growth to People, Places, and Industry 


The AcquaPro Concept

When water is needed now, AcquaPro offers the solution, quickly alleviating the threat posed by drought, natural disaster, or simply the demands of a growing population or new industry. AcquaPro offers water independence in a fraction of the time and at much lower costs than demanded by conventional fixed, shore-based facilities.

The AcquaPro system provides a completely self-contained water plant that consists of mobile, modular pre-filtration and desalination units. Containerized and skid-mounted, the AcquaPro modules can be configured on a large sea-going barge, aboard a ship, on fixed off-shore platforms, or on land. Utilizing all existing technology and this flexible, modular approach, AcquaPro is designed for fast integration and deployment. Employing reliable reverse-osmosis (RO) desalination, AcquaPro can be stationed anywhere there is a seacoast. The system also has terrestrial applications where inland saline or brackish surface or ground waters exist.

By combining the most efficient mobile, modular desalination facilities, with the flexibility of offering either off-shore or on-shore siting, and with equally efficient transmission, treatment, and storage solutions, AcquaPro avoids or eliminates most of the high environmental, political, and fiscal costs that make conventional land-based water treatment plants both expensive and excessively time-consuming to set up.

A basic AcquaPro plant supplies 5 million gallons (19 million liters or 19,000 cubic meters) of water daily. However, AcquaPro's flexible, modular approach enables provision of the ideal volume of water regardless of the demand, whether it is 1 million or 25 million gallons, or more, daily.

Responding to great worldwide demand, along with desalination AcquaPro also offers wastewater treatment capability in either a mobile, modular configuration or with more conventional approaches. Ameliorating growing environmental problems and offering water reuse options, this is yet another manifestation of AcquaPro's commitment to providing fast and flexible water solutions. Our experienced and forward-looking engineering teams are committed to making every project a success.

Fast and Flexible Water Response

AcquaPro can be brought on-line rapidly -- in a matter of months or weeks, rather than years, as is usually the case with most conventional solutions -- and offers the scale and longevity that meet a client's specific needs. AcquaPro offers self-sufficiency and permanency in supply of critical water resources, and assures that the flow of water to a community or industry will not be blocked or interrupted due to conditions beyond its means to control. As an added safeguard, floating AcquaPro plants can be disconnected and relocated to safer environments when major storms or other hazards approach, and then returned and put back into operation when the danger has passed.

AcquaPro Worldwide has developed our proprietary procurement system, which we call Global Redundant MultisourcingTM, or GRMTM, which enables us to produce and commission plants in far less time than competing systems. This is a unique AcquaProTM advantage.

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