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AcquaPro: Additional Images of the AcquaPro Floating Desalination Plant

Here are some more conceptual images of the AcquaPro floating, barge-mounted desalination water plant. The entire system is modularized and designed to be integrated and deployed in minimum time and at economical cost. Although the barge-mounted configuration is presented here, the same mobile, modular approach is used and adapted for ship-, platform-, or land-based plants. Note that these are conceptual drawings only for purposes of illustrating the AcquaPro concept in general terms and are not technical drawings.


the acquapro barge-mounted mobile desalination system

The top deck of the self-contained AcquaPro barge holds the containerized reverse osmosis units and the motors that drive the pressure pumps


another view of top deck of acquapro barge-mounted water plant

Another conceptual view of the AcquaPro barge-mounted mobile desalination plant


lower deck of acquapro barge-mounted water plant hold the pre-filtration facilities of the plant

Conceptual view of lower deck of the AcquaPro floating desalination plant. The lower deck hold pumps, pre-filters, and fuel stores as needed


service barge carries chemicals, fuel, and spare parts to the main barge

Conceptual view of service barge which carries chemicals, fuel, spare parts, and personnel to the main desalination barge

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